Nathan Fillion stops by Wayward Coffeehouse

The geekiest coffeehouse around had a very shiny visitor last Friday, May 17! We were very gorram excited when Nathan Fillion (who played Capt. Mal Reynolds in Firefly and Serenity) and his brother Jeff stopped by Wayward Coffeehouse for a late morning coffee and to check out our little corner of the geek ‘Verse! They were both very kind and affable and seemed to enjoy our multitude of Firefly/Serenity and other geeky memorabilia. Thank you Nathan and Jeff for stopping by!

Nathan generously left behind some signed t-shirts which will be being auctioned/raffled off for charity at Wayward by our friends the Seattle Browncoat Charities. Keep an eye out for details on when those signed shirts will be offered!


World Book Night with GeekGirlCon at Wayward Coffeehouse

Tuesday, April 23, is World Book Night ( and we’re teaming up with GeekGirlCon ( to bring FREE BOOKS to folks at Wayward! Come by in the afternoon and evening for delicious coffee and FREE BOOKS (while supplies last) and meet some of the crew behind GeekGirlCon! We have a long-time customer giving out books as part of this event in the afternoon and then GGC crew will be here from 5 pm onward with more free books! Should be a fantastic night of coffee, books, and geekery!

Geek Bingo for Charity this Friday, 3/5

Come by Wayward for our monthly Geek Bingo for Charity hosted by the Seattle Browncoats Charities, Friday, April 5, 8 – 10 pm. Bingo cards are $1 and proceeds are donated to local charities. Have fun doing good works while enjoying delicious coffee amidst awesome geeky company!

Game at Wayward for International TableTop Day

We’re hosting gaming groups at Wayward for International TableTop Day on Saturday, March 30. Come by and join the gaming madness! Reserve a table for your gaming group – we’re open all day and would love to have gaming happening from open to close! Be sure to EMAIL us to reserve a table! Find out more about the world-wide event at:

Irish Music for St. Patrick’s Day Weekend

Looking for some live Irish music for the St. Patrick’s Day weekend? Come to Wayward Coffeehouse for an evening of Irish music on Saturday, March 16, 8 – 10 pm, with our resident musician Randy Bowles. This is a family friendly evening of Irish music where you can tap your feet and sing along and its FREE!

Wayward is now using Square!

That’s right, the geek coffeehouse is now using shiny new technology for our credit card processing! We’re very excited about this upgrade as it means faster service for our customers and new payment options for those using Square Wallet. We’re still getting used to this new system, so please be patient with our staff as they become familiar with Square.

Welcome to our New Site

It’s been a long-time coming, but we’ve finally launched our updated website! It is an ongoing project and we already have plans afoot for sprucing it up, adding info, and improving usability, but we hope you like what we’ve done so far!