IMG_5224We are happy to reserve a table for your meeting, writing group, game night, study group, book club, etc.

We recommend reserving a table when you expect more than 4 people for your gathering although we are happy to reserve a table for any size group. We have several large tables that can accommodate 10+ people.  Especially for larger groups we recommend checking reservation availability before confirming a date with your group participants.

To reserve a table we will need the following information:

Date, start and end time, number of people, group name, contact person.

tables that can be reservedMany of our groups have standing reservations for their regular meetups, so no need to reserve every time if you plan to have a recurring meeting! Just let us know when you make your reservation that you would like it to be an ongoing reservation.

Reservation Policy: We do not charge for table reservations but we do ask that the majority of group participants make a purchase while they are here.

IMG_5212You can reserve tables via email, by phone, or in person.