Sereniversary Shindig! Celebrating Serenity, Firefly, and Wayward


Our biggest event of the year! Our annual Sereniversary Shindig, a celebration of the anniversary of the theatrical release of Serenity and all things Firefly, plus its the Wayward Coffeehouse anniversary as well! Come out and celebrate with us on Saturday, September 28th, 6 – 11 pm (no cover!). We’ll have live music with Vixy&Tony, Sunnie Larsen, and Betsy Tinney, plus Whedonverse Trivia (with prizes!), Firefly Costume Contest (with prizes!), and a very special Charity Auction of a t-shirt SIGNED by NATHAN FILLION benefiting Seattle Browncoats Charities.

serenity-clothThe event kicks off at 6 pm with mingling and geekery, then at 7 pm we’ll have the music start. Around 8 pm we’ll do Whedonverse Trivia, around 930 we’ll do the Costume Contest, and then back to some music. We’ll have the Charity Auction before the night’s last music set (this is an approximate schedule and subject to adjustments).

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